5 Baltic Pornstars Who Are Far From Cold!

Everyone keeps going on about how hot Russian women are, and while that’s true, they miss out on giving credit to porn stars from other neighboring countries who are just as hot.

By that, I mean women from the Baltic states – Estonia, Litva, and Lithuania. Three small and cold countries that people often forget about their existence. 

That’s a rookie mistake because while they’re small, there are quite a few globally famous porn stars who descend from there.

The first thing that comes to your mind is probably that they’re cold, unapproachable, and therefore lack passion. Well, I’m here to tell you you got it all wrong, my friend. 

Baltic women are fierce and fiery, and they have a very active sexual life, putting them in the same place as Spanish women. They crave sexual satisfaction and aren’t afraid to get it. 

Aside from that, they’re also extremely good-looking and well-educated, which, of course, doesn’t stop them from getting wild and unhinged in bed. 

The following article is going to share 5 Baltic porn stars that you may not be aware of but have to check out on your next porn-watching marathon or live cam session on a site like PDCams.com.

Heidi Romanova Is a Redheads Lovers’ Wet Dream

If you told AI to create the perfect redhead to satisfy your sexual desires, you would get the Latvian treasure, also known as Heidi Romanova. 

If you haven’t heard of her until now, you better change that mistake. She’s an absolute bombshell who will make your dick leak with precum and leave you craving for more. 

She has naturally gorgeous curly long red hair, alluring hazel eyes, and an astonishing body that’s on the curvier side. She’s also petite, which makes her easy to handle in the bedroom.

Heidi entered the adult industry back in 2014 and is currently among some of the most well-known Latvian porn stars.

While she participates in various porn scenes, she’s mostly known for her solo masturbation and passionate lesbian shoots, where she perfectly balances out rough with passion. 

Amber Pearl Takes Care of Your Fetishes

Another stunning Latvian beauty is the gorgeous Amber Pearl, who, unlike Heidi, is instead into harder and rougher straight porn. 

She loves to shoot anal scenes, threesomes and take big sex toys up her wet slit. However, she also has a few hot lesbian scenes that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

In her videos, she’s often mentioned to be Russian, but she’s actually from Latvia, which makes a solid addition to our Baltic porn star list. 

Heidi has long blond hair, cock-hungry eyes, and a stunning petite figure. Unlike fellow Scandinavian women, Baltic women tend to be generally on the petite side. 

While Amber entered the porn scene rather recently, she has already carved her place at the top places due to her eagerness, beauty, and good performance. 

Kelly Aleman Will Milk Your Dick 

If you’re looking for a Baltic babe who can give mesmerizing blowjobs, Kelly Aleman is the one you should focus on. 

Kelly is yet another petite Baltic beauty who originates from Estonia and has a pretty high number of porn movies behind her back.

This babe proves that there’s no place for excuses to jump-start your porn career, given the fact that she only began starring in porn in 2021 and is currently just 24 years old. 

She has brown hair color with blonde highlights, hazel eyes, a gorgeous, skinny figure, and unlike the previous porn stars on the list, she measures 180 cm in height!

She sucks dick like there’s no tomorrow, and she doesn’t stop until she’s milked it to the very last drop of cum. Once she’s done, she will clean up all the mess she’s made like a good girl.

Dolly Fox Is the Definition of a Lithuanian MILF Bimbo

You can’t have a porn star list without mentioning at least one bimbo. It’s an unwritten rule which has to be followed at all costs. Thus, I present you the gorgeous MILF Dolly Fox. 

This foxy lady has naturally blonde hair, signature black smokey make-up, and massive fake boobs that can make you disappear if she puts them over your face. 

The difference with Dolly is that she rather likes to participate in lesbian porn with fellow MILFs where she puts most younger performers to shame. 

Seeing her gigantic fake tits bounce in porn scenes can leave you hypnotized to a degree where you find it impossible to click off, and you just have to keep watching. 

Tina Kay Will Leave You Begging for More

Last but not least, we have another Lithuanian MILF who is by far the most well-known Baltic porn star from this list, and there’s no way you haven’t heard of her. 

She has long brown hair, perky small boobs, a fit and skinny body, and piercing blue eyes that go through you like a knife. 

She has starred in over 800 porn films and has worked with significant adult production studios such as Brazzers, Realitykings, and many others. 

Anal, gangbangs, threesomes, fetish, interracial, lesbian, extreme toys, rim jobs, public, fake taxi, squirting, pissing, creampie… whatever porn you want to watch, she’s done it. 

There literally isn’t something she hasn’t done in her porn career so far. So, if you’re dreaming of a stunning MILF, Kay’s content is worth binge-watching any day.

Where Else Can You Find Gorgeous Baltic Babes?

If you’re too tired of porn and looking to spice up things with something that allows you to have bigger control but have no money to fly to the Baltics, I have a solution for you. 

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Joining such platforms is amazing because you get to watch new adult workers who can potentially replace in the future the porn stars on this list. The choice is yours. 

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